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Are you sick of...

  • Scouring the internet for resources?
  • Spending tons of money on activities for the kids?
  • Reading through 100s of promotional emails for a freebie?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with managing all the things life throws at you?

What if you could...

  • Have fun with new activities every month?
  • Have organizational tools that can help streamline your homeschool?
  • Get high-quality educational resources that cost triple if bought separately?
  • Have more time to do what you love?

Over $500 value

$19.99 monthly

Join Blooming Brilliant Printables Club

What's included in this product

Over 100 Printables

Need activities to keep your children entertained and learning and you organized?
Currently, over educational and organizational 100 printables.

New Printables Each Month

Everything New is included. Just bought a printable but see 3 more that you need? Everything is included in the membership including new printables each month.

Save Time

No more spending hours searching the internet.

No need to spend hours looking through emails and searching websites and blogs. Purchasing one-off printables, get everything you need in one place.

Homeschool Planning Pages

Printables for Parents

Planning printables, checklists, and paperwork templates for your homeschool.

The above printable helps you track your finances, brain-dump everything you want to do for the year, and plan and set your goals and how you will work toward them.

Paw Patrol Learning Activity Printable

Early Elementary Activities

Early educational activities that help children develop their skills.

Looking for something for older kids? We have a growing list of activities geared toward teens and tweens.

Affirmations for Teens Coloring Pages

Middle-School and High-School Printables

A growing list of printables geared towards tweens and teens.

Looking for something for older kids? We have a growing list of activities geared toward teens and tweens.

Positive Affirmations for Kids Activity Pages

Mindset Activities

Growth mindset activities for everyone

(parents, teens, and little kids)

We offer loads of activities focused on developing a growth mindset.

Over $500 Value

$19.99 monthly


These printables are available for purchase individually on my site. The average price of a printable pack is $5.00 you are getting a tremendous value each month. For the price of roughly 2 printable packs, you are receiving over 100 printables.

Do You Wish Your Homeschool Was More Organized And Fun?
You can have a fun and organized homeschool.

  • Do you have difficulty making homeschooling fun and enjoyable for your kids?
  • Do you have a dream where your homeschool is running smoothly?
  • Do you wish you regularly had fun and engaging learning activities your children will be asking you to do?

Be the Homeschool Parent of Your Dreams

Blooming Brilliant Printables Club is the #1 Way to Keep Your Homeschool Exciting!

It's easy to get overwhelmed by everything on our to-do list. While also comparing ourselves to others.

Let me help you breathe some life back into your homeschool for you and your kids.

  • With brand new printables every month.
  • You will have access to checklists, activities, unit studies, and more!
  • Save time and money with over 100 printables at your disposal.

Pretend Play Printables

We have many activities, worksheets, learning pages, checklists, planning pages, and pretend play printables.

Pretend Play printables are more than activities but turn into complete toys and games.

Over $500 Value


I'm Christine

I'm a homeschool mom of two from Brooklyn, NY. who has been homeschooling for over 10 years.

I created Blooming Brilliant to help my fellow homeschoolers on this journey.

It's my passion to help you find the confidence to homeschool your kids and also create educational resources that make learning fun and exciting for kids and parents of all ages!


How will I receive my printables?

Every month you will receive a new password for Blooming Brilliant Printables Club.

How long will I have access to the printables?

Printables will be available in the club if you keep your membership. New printables are added monthly.

Do you give refunds?

Since the membership is deeply discounted and the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds.

Is it difficult to cancel?

Not at all. Log in to your account and select "cancel membership."

What if I have an issue or other questions?

No problem! Email me at

It's Time To Join Blooming Brilliant Printables Club

Everything You Get When You Join Blooming Brilliant Printables Club:

  • Access to over 100 printables for the price of 2 each month.
  • Four new printables a month.
  • Organizational Printables (planner, to-do, checklists)
  • Educational Activities (Learning Packs, Worksheets, Unit Studies)
  • Fun Activities (Coloring, Bookmarks)

Color By Number Worksheets

Over $500 Value

$19.99 monthly